How Dominos Is Played

The games begins with shuffling the tiles and then usually seven tiles for each player is handed out to each player, the remaining tiles are put in a pile known as the stock or boneyard. Choosing who plays the first turn in the game is decided by checking whose tile weight is heavier and that person begins the game and the next person will have their turn by clockwise direction respectively. The tiles are placed on the edge so that opponent doesn’t get to see the tiles of others. But a player can determine the number of tiles remaining of each player at all times. Have fun with dominqq.

How to proceed

It has to be known that only the open ends of the tiles can be used by the next player to play and place his/her tile. The end it said to be open when no other tile is connected to it. In some versions of the game the tiles can be connected on all four sides but in others only the long side can be used for connectivity. The players can draw tiles from the boneyard when they don’t have the matching tile and they can continue to pick up cards as they want till they have found a match. After so many chances you don’t get a match in the boneyard, you could pass your turn to the next player when there are no tiles remaining the boneyard to select. This is usually done in the block games. There is a variation to this too, a person a pick a particular tile and if not, a match can still pass their turn to the next person. The site for all your gaming fantasies dominoqq.

Mostly people favour clearing the boneyard to find the match, in certain domino games the last tow tiles aren’t supposed to be emptied as they are added on to the winner’s points. The winner is when all the tiles of the player are used up in the layout. It has to be  known when the player plays their last card, they have to say domino and the game gets blocked.