Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Workout

Wherever you look, it seems like people are saying nonsense about how fast you can gain muscle naturally. Some claim to have gained several pounds of muscle in a week, fitness magazines promise extraordinary muscle gains, some of our youtubers explode overnight, and so on.

However, other sources are more moderate about this and you can be a little lost. Where is the truth? How fast can you gain muscle naturally?

The honest answer to this question is: I do not know. Nobody knows. Muscle growth varies so much from one person to another that it is impossible to predict in advance how much muscle you can gain in a given period of time.

Here are the factors that can affect your muscle growth. This will give you a rough idea of ​​what kind of results you can expect after weeks, months, or years of training.

1 – Genetics

There are factors you can play on for full body workout. But, the one that surely has the most impact is the one you have no control over, it’s your genetics.

Whether you like it or not, some people build a lot of muscle very quickly and will have quick results. Others have more average progress and still others progress little.

Studies prove it, some people are naturally better able to build muscle thanks to the presence of a greater amount of satellite cells, around their muscle fibers, which are ready to activate to build muscle.

Obviously, it seems a bit easy to accuse “bad genetics” because a poor training program and a poorly designed diet can also have a strong impact on muscle building. However, the genetic factor remains very strong and there is nothing to do to change it.

2 – The time spent under the bars

The more time you have spent fitness training, the slower the gains will be. In most cases, this means that a person who already has 10 years of bodybuilding training, will put much more time to build muscles than someone who has been training for only 10 weeks.